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The Stubbed T.O.E.

THE STUBBED T.O.E. by Vernon Nemitz March 30, 1995; Rewritten March, 2002    Note (moved to here from tail-end, for this 2015 HTML edition): This is the first of four essays that attempt to suggest ways whereby Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity might be made more compatible with each other. Someone who is very knowledgeable […]

The Ghostly T.O.E.

THE GHOSTLY T.O.E. by Vernon Nemitz March 31, 1995    A Theory Of Everything (T.O.E.) is desired which can show that every natural force (electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravitation) is actually a variation on the theme of a single force. Physicists are reasonably sure that a Grand Unification is possible; electromagnetism […]

The Balanced T.O.E.

THE BALANCED T.O.E. by Vernon Nemitz April 3, 1995; Appended May, 2002    A Theory of Everything (T.O.E.) is desired which will describe how all the basic natural forces (electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravity) operate. The more things the four forces have in common, the easier the task will be…but what […]

The Imaginary T.O.E.

THE IMAGINARY T.O.E. by Vernon Nemitz April 11, 1995    An imagination is a wonderful thing; it lets one burst free from the bonds of "conventional wisdom" and usher something new into the world. In recent years physicists have put a great deal of imagination into constructing what is known as a Theory Of Everything […]

Persons, Exobiology, Dolphin Beings, and Humans

Persons, Exobiology, Dolphin Beings, and Humans On the improving of certain inaccurate dictionary definitions Abstract: The common dictionary definitions of “person” and “human being” are provably flawed. The flawed definitions have in turn led to a great deal of social controversy. Scientists fully understand the importance of accurate communications, and clear definitions of words are […]

Economics 102

How the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer --and the difficult solution

In general, “the rich” mostly includes people who are intimately familiar with the Law of Supply and Demand, and who are able to use it in widely different business enterprises. In general, most such business enterprises involve hiring workers and selling goods. The general population is the source of both the workers and the Demand for goods. When population increases, so does competition for jobs (wages may go down) and goods (prices may go up). The rich can profit from both aspects of the situation, so long as they can forestall increases in productivity of goods (which process often includes making more jobs available; both types of competition are reduced). But almost no one else can profit in that situation.

Hello world!

(updated at bottom, March 10, 2016) Welcome to my blog. I will immediately confess that I didn’t particularly want a blog, because most people expect blogs to be updated frequently, or regularly, or both, and I have too many other things on my agenda. The articles that have posting dates older than this message were […]

Simple Quantum Gravitation

A speculation in conceptual logic

“Simple” is relative. There are a lot of concepts to be connected together, from the Uncertainty Principle to Einstein’s most famous equation to “negative” mass-energy. But very little math is used herein. In brief, there seems to be a way to describe virtual gravitons and how they can be emitted in direct proportion to the mass-energy of anything, and yet be absorbed at such a tiny rate that an exceedingly weak force is the result. What more does Physics need?